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May 13, 2020

20 SaaS Homepage Copywriting Examples: Here's What Makes The Copy So Great

A homepage is one of the first things a potential customer will use to research your brand. So it needs to do a bunch of things all at once.

  • It has to tell readers why your SaaS is the best choice—your Unique Selling Point, why you’re a cut above your competitors, and the awesome things that customers can achieve using your service.
  • It has to convey brand voice, company culture, and communicate a desired tone.
  • It has to be optimized for search, conversion, and readability.
  • It should definitely be informed by a bunch of time-consuming customer research.
  • It has to be written and designed in a way that enables users to find what they need, read more, and sign up when they’re ready.

Oh, and this checklist gets way harder to achieve if your SaaS offers a long list of features or services. No pressure.

Suffice to say, writing homepage copy is tough.

If you're scouring the internet for SaaS homepage copywriting examples because you’re trying to write or optimize some homepage copy, here are 20 examples of excellent SaaS homepages and some notes on what makes their copy so damn good.

1. Nuage

When it comes to homepage copy, less is often more.

Nuage’s clean, minimal approach to homepage copy flies in the face of every jam-packed SaaS homepage out there, proving that you do NOT need to cram ALL THE INFO into your homepage to explain your service and convert users.

Why I love Nuage’s homepage copy:

  • Captivates with HUGE, animated hero copy
  • Copy is super concise and to the point (e.g. their 10/10 footer CTA: “Buy, import, renew, right now.”)

2. Shape

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about Shape’s hero copy. But the way that it’s presented (center-aligned, choice of font, size) does command attention. The rest of their homepage follows suit.

Here’s why I love Shape’s homepage copy

  • Well-designed homepage hero makes functional copy look way better than it actually is
  • Feature-driven subheads help with scannability
  • It follows the SaaS homepage formula (feature blocks, value-driven subheads) but it doesn’t look like a cut-and-paste version of every other SaaS homepage out there

3. Streamtime

You want original, impactful, and effective? Check out Streamtime’s homepage. It delivers all that and then some.

Why I love Streamtime’s homepage copy:

  • It isn’t boring or formulaic
  • The hero tagline is LONG, but I want to read it start-to-end
  • All of the language is hyper-tailored to the target user (creative agency decision makers). That footer call-to-action is a great example—”Become a defender of creativity.”

4. Wistia

It’s been so much fun to watch the evolution of the Wistia brand. Their colorful, fun, lively approach to design and copy is reflective of the company’s culture and the experience of using their product.

Why I love Wistia’s homepage copy:

  • Uncluttered and concise hero copy and CTA combo
  • They found an original way to write the subhead for their social proof block (“Wistia is proud to help over 500,000 businesses grow with video.”)
  • The tone and brand colors combine to give off a feeling of fun

5. Vidyard

Probably an indirect competitor of wysteria although I’m sure they share a very big overlapped in audience. That’s why I really like their homepage hero coffee you. It immediately distinguishes themselves from wistia and other competitors and tells me, the user, exactly why I should use them. Very nicely done, Vidyard.

Why I love their homepage copy:

  • Their hero copy demonstrates their unique selling point: “More than just video hosting”
  • They communicate value-to-user: “Generate and close more deals”
  • They deliver social proof: “with the video platform trusted by the fastest growing companies.”

6. ConvertKit

Sorry ConvertKit but I really dislike your hero copy! The line “use our product so you can do more of what you love!” is overused in the SaaS industry, and I think you guys can do better.

However! I’m a big fan of the copy in your homepage’s second feature block, where you get into who you are.

ConvertKit is email marketing software for creators.
Because we’ve been there before and are there now too, we know what you need to run a successful business. Our app will help you:…

In two quick sentences you tell me WHAT your product is and WHO it’s for. And with “Because we’ve been there before” you tell me you’re experienced in handling my issues.

Naturally, I’m sold.

7. Shopify

Shopify is another SaaS brand known for continually optimizing and updating their homepage. As their product has evolved from an ecommerce platform to a one-stop-shop for launching, growing, and managing an online business, their homepage has been through several evolutions—all of them striking, captivating, and known for great copy.

Here’s why I love the copy on their current homepage:

  • The hero copy “You’ve got the will. We’ve got the way.” is derived from a well-known expression (Where there’s a will, there’s a way.) Sometimes using figures of speech, platitudes, and puns in your copy can go so wrong, but Shopify stayed on the right side of this line.
  • The tagline “With you from first sale to full scale” is just brilliant.
  • Grouping each feature block into actionable verbs—Start, Market, Manage—is logical, inspired by thoughtful design and UX research I’m sure.

8. Typeform

I’m a huge fan of Typeform’s voice and tone. It’s always struck me as clear and friendly—just like their homepage.

Why I love their homepage copy:

  • “Don’t leave it to chance.” — great way to add urgency
  • Adding a “see examples” button helps the user learn more if they’re not ready to sign up on the spot
  • Right at the footer they have the line “Not just a pretty interface.” Damn Typeform… can I steal that please?

9. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is always on “best of SaaS” lists because, well… they do a great job. Their homepage copy and design is constantly changing. But the level of quality and a devotion to benefits-driven copy remains.

Why I love their homepage copy:

  • Check out the taglines on those feature boxes:
  • Put your audience first
  • Turn data into insights
  • Bring your brand to life
  • “What you can do with Mailchimp” isn’t creative by any means, but it’s helpful, direct, and makes me want to keep reading. Proof that clear > clever.

10. Wealthsimple

Want to see one of the sexiest homepages in SaaS? Look no further than Wealthsimple. The design is in a league of its own—a cut above anything we usually see in SaaS and Fintech. And their copy always holds up to their high standards.

Why I love their homepage copy:

  • Their hero copy is three words long and it tells me everything I need to know. Three words!
  • That tagline—”like one of the world’s most sophisticated investors”—makes me feel like I’m missing out (i.e. creates urgency)
  • Their footer Call to Action—“Get started in 5 minutes”—makes signing up seem like the easiest thing in the world

11. Slack

Slack changes their homepage so often that browsing their website can often feel very “blink and you’ll miss it.”

They do a brilliant job of combining beautiful design and clear, effective copy, though. And that’s why they’re always on these “Best Of” lists.

Why I love their homepage copy:

  • “Efficient teamwork for every enterprise” is a good way of saying “our product works for everyone—even enterprises” without actually saying “our product works for everyone—even enterprises”
  • “Slack gives your team… the alignment they need to do their best work.” Nice one, Slack. If my team was all over the joint, this tagline copy would be music to my ears.

12. Trello

Is Trello the friendliest SaaS brand on the planet? Their brand colors, brand voice, and that adorable brand mascot would all suggest so.

Why I love their homepage copy:

  • Putting “work more collaboratively, get more done” in the hero copy tells me what I get, straight up.
  • Including “It’s free!” in that button copy is genius.
  • Use of social proof is on fire: “become one of the millions of people around the world using Trello.”

13. Drip

Full disclosure: I’m not crazy about Drip’s homepage. In fact, I think there’s a lot that could be improved. But I will give them credit for an incredibly bold, center-aligned hero block.

Unlike the majority of SaaS homepage heroes, Drip’s doesn’t include an image and the copy is long. But it doesn’t feel wasteful. And it certainly stands out.

What I like about their homepage copy:

  • Immediate use of social proof in the hero:
  • “Over 90% of consumers buy from brands that recognize, remember, and tailor to them.”
  • “Your brand will never blend in.”—very nice.

14. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of Drip’s direct competitors. Visually their homepage is much busier than Drip’s, but I do think they do a much better job with their copy.

Why I love Campaign Monitor’s homepage copy:

  • Their three-word hero tagline gets straight to the point: Create stunning emails.
  • It isn’t just easy to use. It’s “radically” easy.
  • I can create stunning campaigns, signing up is free, and this is all made bleedingly obvious on the homepage.

15. Squarespace

Go big or go home. This seems to be the motto that informs all of Squarespace’s homepage updates. Their copy is bold, beautiful, and always on the money.

Why I love their homepage copy:

  • It tells me I can be an expert, no matter my skill level:
  • “Look like an expert right from the start.”
  • The language conveys power and impact:
  • Our award-winning templates
  • The most beautiful way to present your ideas online.
  • Stand out with a professional website, portfolio, or online store.

16. Persona

I love, love, love Persona for building certain websites. Their design is stunning. And everyone can learn from their minimal approach to copy.

Why I love Persona’s homepage copy:

  • It’s elegant, minimal, and to the point.
  • It isn’t afraid of letting images and samples to do the talking.
  • It does NOT use copy for the sake of using copy (no filler here!).

17. Cargo Collective

Cargo owns Persona, so it’s no surprise that their homepages share similarities. Unique design. Striking colors. Interesting copy formatting. Cargo’s homepage breaks the SaaS mold. I wish more brands would follow suit.

Why I love Cargo’s homepage copy:

  • Look at that formatting! Wow.
  • It’s so approachable.
  • Directing users to useful sections of the site with a simple “What would you like to do?” is perfect.

18. Wix

“Hey guys, I’m (INSERT NAME OF CELEBRITY INFLUENCER) and I just created my own website using Wix.”

We’ve all been bombarded by Wix’s infamous YouTube ads. But have you ever clicked through to check out the brand’s homepage copy?

I did. And while the product isn’t aimed at a WordPress/Squarespace/Persona nerd like me, their copy isn’t bad for their target audience.

Here’s why I like it:

1. It works for their target user

The fact that Wix is a FREE software makes me assume that the users they’re targeting are in the “beginner” bucket. Their homepage does a good job of speaking to this audience with simple language. It gives me the impression that using Wix is super easy.

2. It’s optimized for search, but doesn’t skimp out on quality

I can see that they’ve done a bit of keyword stuffing here and there. But nowhere does that get in the way of beautiful design or readability.

All in all, a job well done.

19. Stripe

“We’re the best” isn’t the best way to indicate that you’re the market leader. Using social proof and customer stories is a better way to go about it. BUT. If you must tell your users that you’re amazeballs, then take note of the way Stripe goes about it in their homepage hero section.

Why I love Stripe’s homepage hero:

  • Immediately tells users that Stripe is the leader, without being too effusive
  • They back it up with social proof—We handle billions of dollars every year…
  • They imply that the product works in my region straight off the bat—…for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Was I the only one who didn’t like Dropbox’s re-brand? (My main gripe: the music they used in their brand reveal trailer was the same song that GoPro had used a few years prior.)

20. Dropbox Business

Was I the only one who didn’t like Dropbox’s re-brand? (My main gripe: the music they used in their brand reveal trailer was the same song that GoPro had used a few years prior.)

While I’m not super into the palette or homepage layout, I do like the approach they’ve taken with the Dropbox Business homepage/landing page. It’s clean, concise, and closely aligned with the previous version of Dropbox’s brand.

Why I love this copy:

  • The hero copy speaks directly to the concerns of the target audience (“work safer” allays concerns around security)
  • Social proof is subtle but impactful—Dropbox helps over 300,000 teams…
  • Indicating “no credit card needed” under the 30-Day Trial button is clever

I hope these help you whip your homepage copy into shape.

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