Why choose us?

Why not?

Just kidding. Kind of.

Here are two compelling reasons to choose Damn Good Writers over other writing agencies.

1. We’ve been in your shoes. We know what you need.

Did we mention that we used to work in tech and startup land as in-house writers, editors, and content marketers? Changes by the minute. Deadlines by the dozen. An utterly insane publishing workload that never fucking ends...

We saw it. We conquered it. And we walked away with the startup SWAG t-shirt that says: “I’m too busy. Help!”

Don’t get us wrong. Startup life was fun. We’re just too old for that shit these days. But because we’ve run the gauntlet, we know exactly how to help busy startups and marketing teams achieve their growth, content, and copy goals.

We know you need reliable, affordable writers who deliver great work on time, all the time. Take-it-and-run-with-it writers who need light editing and minor direction.

You need writers who can marry great writing with marketing, brand, and acquisition objectives. (Unicorns, basically.)

When you find a writer who can do all that, you never want to let them go.

We know how to be *that* writer for you, and for your team.

2. Cheap $0.03 per word writing agencies suck.

Trust us. We’ve used them ourselves, and we know that what you save on money with dirt cheap writers, you end up paying back in blood, sweat, and stress-induced tears. Because you’ll be polishing those writing turds for days until they’re up to standard.

If you’re looking for low-end, basic content that isn’t going to make your audience think you’re a great writer—cheap writing agencies are the way to go.

If you want strong, bold, captivating writing that’s going to make your audience think fondly of your brand—Damn Good Writers is what you damn need.

Let’s work together.